Why HostingDuniya?

You must have a valid question as to why host or get services from HostingDuniya?

We are here to help you get started on your new web presence or sky rocket your next startup. We acquire, build and sell our services around a number of principals

  • Value for Money: We don’t claim to be the cheapest (and won’t be the most expensive one other) but we promise to deliver the best bang for your money. We offer services in the best datacenters in the world with geo graphically distributed redundant DNS cluster to ensure we are failsafe
  • Not Oversold: We don’t oversell and we let you use the last bit of disk space and data transfer your package entitles you to hence the reason that we offer reasonable packages and reasonable prices. Other companies may offer unbelievably large disk spaces at the fraction of the cost but technically, its overselling resources. It may work superb now but the quality will definitely go down the drain in near future
  • Here to stay regardless of business conditions: Unlike other fly-by-night hosts, we are here to stay. We have been here since 2000 and we are not going anywhere so your data is secured and you will enjoy the full tenure of your services. Alhumdulilah, We’ve got the the financial strength to survive the rough, times so you know we aren’t going to suddenly disappear with your data.
  • Responsive Support: Our support is very responsive, you can test drive it by creating a pre-sales ticket (just if you have noticed, we do not have separate departments for sales for quicker replies and other departments for support for slower replies). We also have Phone support available as a separate paid add-on
  • Pro-Active Monitoring: With pro-active monitoring from multiple places, we can track down issues before they happen.
  • Honest: Yes, we are honest so you will never hear “stories” from us.